Critical Hit Cocktails: Mad Men Cocktail

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The final episodes of Mad Men premiere this weekend. Since there’s a lot of drinking in the show and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to create a cocktail inspired by the Don himself. Presenting: The Rum Draper. This drink is inspired by a mix of cocktails around the era, mixed with something new to represent the show’s new take on the time period.

1.5 oz Gran Gala
.5 oz Kraken Rum
.25 oz Simple Syrup
1 dash Angustura Bitters
1 Orange Twist
1 large Ice Cube or Sphere

1. Place your large ice cub into a rocks glass

2. Pour your first three ingredients over the ice, then add your dash of bitters.

3. Stir, then garnish with an orange twist. Serve and sip.

This powerful drink has flavors of spice, fruits, and citrus, all in one. It’s definitely a cocktail for sipping, not gulping. Perfect for those long days at the office. It’s also perfect for the road! I thought including only ingredients from relatively miniature bottles was a fun idea, as they can be easily included in a briefcase for easy access.

So here’s to the end of Mad Men and all the madness that Don Draper will get into this time!

For more drink recipes, head over to  The Drunken Moogle.

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