Loungefly’s COLLECTIV Line Offers Stylish STAR WARS and LOKI Backpacks, Accessories, and More

The weather is warmer and that means one thing for the geeks and nerds of America: con season is officially upon us. We love to gather at conventions, queue in line for panels, and fan out about our favorite franchises. Even if you don’t plan on attending a con this year, surely you’ll be taking some time to travel either near or far for an adventure. This year, you’ll truly be able to travel in style and show your love for Marvel and Star Wars with Loungefly’s COLLECTIV, a line of high-end accessories that make you look effortlessly cool. Fashion and fandom go together like peanut butter and jelly, obviously. 

Loungefly Collective Star Wars Line with Star Wars and Loki backpacks and god of mischief jacket
Loungefly/Star Wars/Marvel

Loungefly’s new collection is set to launch in March 2024 and includes Marvel’s Loki pieces as well as looks inspired by Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance. Here’s what you can buy from each franchise:

Loungefly’s Loki COLLECTIVE Items

Honor the God of Mischief with this green and gold lineup of apparel and accessories. 

  • Full-size backpack (MSRP: $125)
  • Convertible tote bag (MSRP: $85)
  • Convertible cross-body bag (MSRP: $65)
  • Wallet (MSRP: $50)
  • Hooded jacket (MSRP: $110)
  • Tee (MSRP: $40)

Catch some of the intricate details of this aesthetically pleasing line below: 

Loungefly’s Star Wars COLLECTIV Items

May the Force be with you when you rock these Rebel Alliance-laden items. 

  • Full-size backpack (MSRP: $125)
  • Laptop bag (MSRP: $75)
  • Convertible bag (MSRP: $80)
  • Wallet (MSRP: $50)
  • Varsity jacket (MSRP: $110) 

This line has lots of Rebel Alliance symbols, X-wings, and splashes of orange, which you can see in these photos: 

Get ready to gear up and step out in style, whether you’re going to Hall H or on a trip with your nerdy pals. Keep an eye on the Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars and Loki releases here and get ready to purchase your fave items when the collections drop on March 12.

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