New LOST IN SPACE Trailer Asks, “Where’s Our Robot?”

Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot hit screens last year and introduced a whole new generation to the Robinsons and their perilous journey across the galaxy. On Saturday, at New York Comic Con, the streamer released a new trailer and a whole bunch of gorgeous new images for the second season, which will be hitting screens on December 24.

The prestige sci-fi show has an all-star cast featuring Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, and Taylor Russell and focuses on a young family who, on the way to colonize a new planet, get… well, Lost in Space. After the massive cliffhanger that ended last season, fans have been desperate to know what’s going to happen next, and this trailer gives us a little insight into just that.

The final episode saw the Robinsons almost reach safety but the crew suddenly found themselves transported to another planet entirely, likely due to the mysterious alien engine that played such a huge part in the last season. This trailer picks up on that, focusing on Will Robinson and the hunt for his unexpected best friend and ally, The Robot. 

New LOST IN SPACE Trailer Asks, “Where’s Our Robot?”_2Netflix

The stunning space-scapes and incredible photography that made the first season such a slow burn hit are back and the show is looking more impressive than ever. We don’t get too much intel about the new location, but it’s clear that it’s barely more habitable than their last temporary home. It’s definitely just as beautiful, though.

We do get some astonishing shots of huge and scary space monsters that are a danger of a very different scale from the intimate yet high stakes scope of the first season, could we see the humans truly have to team up against an intergalactic threat this time around?

At one point, the Robinsons are asked, “Are you ready to go through the looking glass?” and it looks like everything is truly wherever they’ve ended up and that though Will Robinson might be focused on finding his old friend the family likely has a lot more to worry about than a lost robot.

Taylor Russell in Lost in SpaceNetflix

One of the biggest breakout stars of last year, the Robot became a huge hit with fans not just for his loving, caring relationship with the youngest of the Robinsons but also for his surprisingly impressive body. Yep, the internet went wild for the “thick” robot making him a sci-fi heartthrob in the midst of a serious science fiction show.

Nerdist even had the Robot as a guest at SDCC where fans could get their pictures taken with the sexy and strange icon. Luckily for Robot fans even though the Robinsons don’t know where their sexy cyborg companion is, he will still play a large part in the new series as is hinted with his return at the end of the new teaser.

Lost In Space - NetflixNetflix

The show hits screens on December 24th, just in time for some serious Christmas bingeing. After all, what’s better to share with your family this holiday season than a show about an even more dysfunctional family unit who are in deadly intergalactic peril?

Featured Image: Netflix

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