LOST IN SPACE Has Been Renewed for a Second Season

Just over a month after Legendary’s own  Lost in Space made its debut on Netflix and became the pleasant surprise that fans of spirited sci-fi and classic television alike had been hankering for, the streaming site has announced that it will be renewing the series for a second season.

The announcement was made in the form of the below tweet, which was posted to Twitter by the official Lost in Space account on Monday morning. (We first caught wind of the news thanks to  EW.)

At present, this is all the information we have about Lost in Space‘s forthcoming second season, which excludes mention of any premiere date or episode count. Scant details notwithstanding, the news is duly pleasing given the array of interesting characters, sci-fi concepts, and surprisingly attractive robots that season one introduced.

Plus, given the cliffhanger ending that capped the first season, which left the Robinsons transported to a mysterious (and rather ominous) new locale, fans are no doubt eager to find out exactly what kind of “danger,” as young Will put it, awaits them. Odds are that we’ll find out some time in 2019, given Netflix’s fairly reliable season-a-year production schedule for most of its regular series, though keep watch for news of an official release date.

What did you think of the first season of Lost in Space? Where would you like to see the Robinsons and company travel in a second string of episodes? Let us know!

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Image: Netflix

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