Loremasters: LEGENDS Dives Deep Into the Universe of WE’RE ALIVE This Month

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Loremasters: LEGENDS is our new monthly show that takes the angle of our Twitch show Loremasters and dives deeper into the waters of passionate fandom, and rich stories that brought them to life. Follow us on location as we uncover the inner workings of some of your favorite franchises to hear origin stories with the creators of the most dynamic lore in geekdom.
Check out the trailer above to see what Loremasters: LEGENDS is all about!


In the premiere episode, we’ll be taking you on a journey that goes deep into the universe of the podcast We’re Alive that inspired our fantastic psychological thriller RPG show,  We’re Alive: Frontier. You’ll visit the sound studios at Wayland Productions and we’ll get to talk to Kc Wayland about how the audio drama began, and the lore behind the massive world he created, exploring its inhabitants, the living and the INFECTED.

The premiere is live now and exclusively on Alpha! Don’t have an Alpha membership? You don’t have to miss out — sign up at projectalpha.com for a free 30-day trial.

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