New LORE Clip Shows Us Harry Houdini’s Crusade Against Spiritualists (EXCLUSIVE)

Aaron Mahnke’s smash podcast-turned-TV show,  Lore, is based on the entire premise that reality is often more frightening than fiction. There is nothing more terrifying than being told a tale of the paranormal that claims to be true—or living in one, for that matter. But for all of those real tales of brushes with the other side, there are the frauds. Some of them are exposed early on, some are slow burns that are under consistent scrutiny and discussion. Regardless, it’s incredibly frustrating to find out you’ve been duped, especially when your supernatural encounter is one where you hoped to encounter a deceased loved one.

In this new, exclusive clip from Amazon Prime‘s Lore episode “Passing Notes,” Aaron Mahnke tells the story of the time Harry Houdini himself was duped by a spiritualist when he tried to contact his mother from beyond the grave:

Houdini is, of course, known for his exceptional skills as an escape artist and “mystical entertainer” as Mahkne puts it, but not as many people knew about his almost militant crusade against the spiritualists growing in popularity during his lifetime. And while “Passing Notes” does shine a fascinating life on the truth-finding exploits of one of the most famous performers in the world, this episode is more than just a quick biopic on a disgruntled magician. “Passing Notes” unlocks a wide range of secrets from the spiritualist movement, explaining how spiritualists attempted to contact individuals beyond the grave, and the perceived ability of the dead to reign chaos and destruction on the living.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more spooky in store for Lore‘s first season on Amazon Prime. From talk of haunted dolls to lobotomies to making sure the dead actually stay dead, Aaron Mahnke has created the perfect blend of history and spookiness to get us in the Halloween spirit. Lore hits Amazon Prime on Friday, October 13th, but you can listen to the Podcast now, and pick up the first Lore book, Monstrous Creatures in stores now.

What story are you most excited to see come to life on the Lore TV show? Did you know Harry Houdini’s brushes with spiritualists and the supernatural? What are some other legends you’d lke to see Mahnke tackle in the future? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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