Look into the Future with TWIN PEAKS-Inspired Tarot Cards

We are now only a year or so away from the long awaited return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic to television screens, and anticipation from  Twin Peaks fans all over the world has never been higher. Since the return of the show was first announced last year, we’ve seen Twin Peaks inspired pop-up restaurants in the U.K., a new fan documentary called Northwest Passage, and even Twin Peaks themed nightclubs.

Now, a comic book artist by the name of Benjamin Mackey, best known as the co-creator and illustrator of the Image Comics series Saints, has combined his love for Twin Peaks with his enthusiasm for the art of Tarot cards by creating a series of images featuring characters from the show in the style of the original 1910 Rider-Waite Tarot deck.Although artists have made Tarot cards (usually unofficially) for pop culture properties like Marvel and  Star Wars before, few characters have so seamlessly blended with the archetypes presented as the ones from Twin Peaks. One might even get the impression that series creators Lynch and Frost were Tarot enthusiasts themselves.

For example, Agent Dale Cooper is the perfect candidate for “The Magician” (he’s even referred to as the Magician in his infamous Red Room dream sequence). Equally perfect is the psychic and all-knowing Log Lady as “The High Priestess,” evil spirit BOB as “The Devil,” and Leland Palmer riding the pale horse of “Death.” Most importantly, the show’s infamous central figure, murder victim Laura Palmer, represents “The World”–that which everything else revolves around.

As of the time of this article, Mackey has made his way through 37 of the 78 cards, and plans to print them out as a full deck when they’re completed. You can currently buy prints of the Major Arcana cards here, and to hear Mackey talk about his Twin Peaks Tarot and how it came about, you can watch the video above. You can check out Mackey’s Major Arcana cards in our gallery below.

HT: Benjamin Mackey, Syncbook
IMAGES: Benjamin Mackey

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