Make Batman and Spider-Man Your Tiny Pals With These Cool Miniature Games

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There have been some recent announcements involving some popular geek fandoms in the tabletop gaming world. Have you wanted to play as Batman, fighting the Joker in the streets of Gotham? Always wanted to paint up your favorite Doctor? Well check out some of the latest miniature games coming out this year.

The Walking Dead: All Out War – Mantic Games

Mantic Games, the creators of Kings of War and Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, have just announced that they will be making a The Walking Dead miniatures game. This game will be set in the comic universe, which allows for more freedom to explore the world and for Mantic Games to flesh out a larger combat system. It will be exciting to see where they take this, as it will be a hobby based game, which will give players the ability to build and paint their own post-apocalyptic world. They have already shown off some fun content in their newsletter, which you can follow for updates.

Doctor Who Miniatures Game – Warlord Games

Ready to explore time and space on the tabletop? Well that time is almost here! Warlord Games recently announced they have license to make the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. Warlord Games’ license will allow them to explore the entirety of the show–including all the Doctors, as well as their friends and foes. To keep up with their announcements, check out their newsletter. We are looking forward to seeing some of our favorite Whovian characters on the tabletop!

Batman and  Spider-Man Miniature Game – Knight Models

Knight Models has been making some fantastic hobby miniatures recently and announced an “expansion annexed to the [ Batman Miniature Game] rules,” the Spider-Man Miniature Game. This game, which looks to be using very similar rules to Knight Models’ Batman Miniature Game, brings with it Superior Spider-Man and crew, which hopefully will go along with their other Marvel lines. In the game, you take control of heroes and their allies, either completing scenarios or ending up in an all out street fight. The original game started in the Batman: Arkham setting, so the crews were based off the video game characters. Knight Models also recently released  Batman: The Animated Series models and have been adding more characters each month. The rules are free online, which makes the game easy to check out.

Featured Image: Knight Models

Image Credits: Mantic Games, Warlord Games, Knight Models

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