Disney’s Live-Action MULAN Movie Has Cast Comic Reliefs Ling and Po

The latest Disney animated classic to receive the live-action remake treatment is Mulan, which is currently building up its starring cast. Playing the titular hero is Liu Yifei, in her first major American leading role. Portraying Mulan’s love interest, meanwhile, is Yoson An, who has recently landed roles in U.S.-based productions including The Meg and Mortal Engines. Now,  Deadline reports that Mulan has cast its Ling and Po, and they’ll be played by Jimmy Wong and Doua Moua.

The movie will be Wong’s first time in a major motion picture, as he’s mostly known for his work in web videos: Aside from the content he makes for his 250,000-plus YouTube subscribers, he is also seen on the video game variety show Polaris Primetime, which airs on Disney XD as part of D|XP.

Doua Moua, meanwhile, has more experience with big-time productions, as he has appeared in movies like Gran Torino and The Last Airbender, and shows including Veep, Iron Fist, and others. Ling and Po are unmistakably comic relief characters, so expect some silly performances from the two newest additions to the Mulan cast. The comedy could well complement the more serious aspects of a Mulan remake, whose themes of a woman trying to contend with a male-dominated society will ring especially loudly.

What do you think of the Mulan casting so far? Are there any other actors you think would be a good fit for the film? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: Disney

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