Live-Action DUMBO Gets Stylish New Character Posters

We are fully prepared for Disney‘s live-action Dumbo to leave us blubbering messes. We didn’t make it out of the last trailer with dry eyes, not when Sad Dumbo broke our hearts. The newest look at the film though doesn’t have us shedding any tears though, because there’s nothing upsetting about the film’s great new character posters. They have us smiling because we’re already excited about all the great future Dumbo cosplay the move is going to give us.

EW shared these new character images, which gives us maybe our best, most adorable look at the lovable big-eared elephant at the center of the story. And the other posters might be even better, because they feature the film’s biggest stars looking very stylish, like Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier.

Honestly, we’re not sure how much we’re going to be able to hate Michael Keaton’s V.A. Vandevere when he looks this good.

Gonna need those glasses. And that hair.However, his isn’t even the best costume to be found in the group. That goes to Eva Green’s star of the Dreamland circus, Colette Marchant.

And in maybe the most perfect casting ever, which is probably why Tim Burton has now done it twice (Big Fish being the first), Danny DeVito is rocking his Ringmaster look as Max Medici, owner of Medici Bros. circus.

We’re still pretty sure the movie is going to make us cry, but at least it’s going to look fashionable when it does.

Featured Image: Disney

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