Lupita Nyong’o Lets Rip on Zombies in LITTLE MONSTERS Trailer

The romantic zombie comedy—a.k.a. rom-zom-com—was first coined in relation to Edgar Wright’s cult classic Shaun of the Dead. Fifteen years later, a new gory, funny, bloody R-Rated movie is coming to reignite our love for romantic undead movies. The newly released red band trailer for Little Monsters showcases why it’s probably going to be your new fave horror-comedy.

Not to be confused with the Fred Savage family film of the same name, Little Monsters is an Australian-British genre flick from writer-director Abe Forsythe centered on a young and useless man named Dave (Alexander England) who after a very bad breakup ends up living with his loving, yet put-upon sister and very cute nephew, Felix. Smitten with Felix’s school teacher Ms. Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o), Dave volunteers to chaperone a class to trip to a local farm that just so happens to be next to a secret army testing facility. As the trailer above showcases, that doesn’t really go well for anyone involved—including Josh Gad’s questionable children’s performer Teddy McGiggle, who happens to be shooting his popular kids’ TV show at the farm. Ms. Caroline and Dave are forced to team up with Teddy to save their young charges and survive the zombie attack.

Silly, sweary, and completely bonkers, the trailer promises a whole lot of zombie-killing action, as well as an unusual set up which sees a whole bunch of tasty children at the mercy of the undead horde. Luckily for them, Ms. Caroline is there to slay as many ghouls as needed to keep her class of cuties protected. If you’re hungry to check out Little Monsters, then the good news is that the film is having a limited theatrical release from October 8. The film will arrive on Hulu only a few days later, on October 11.

Featured Image: Hulu

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