Little Jyn Erso Cosplayer Delivers Death Star Plans to Leia at STAR WARS Celebration

To say the least,  Carrie Fisher was missed at  Star Wars Celebration. Guests and attendees honored Fisher and her role of Leia Organa in a number of ways–with a fundraising benefit gala, with kind words, with glitter, and with cosplay. Dino Ignacio and his five-year-old daughter Harley showed their appreciation for Fisher in a unique fashion by interacting with Leia cosplayers. You see, Harley dressed as Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso and came prepared with a stack of data cards carrying the Death Star plans. They’re on display in this photo:

I don’t mean to get all sentimental, but Harley’s carrying hope.

Harley and her dad made the data cards as a fun activity for the convention. Harley loves interacting with other people, and they thought this was a fitting tribute to their love of Star Wars and Fisher. As Harley ran into Leia cosplayers of all variety of ensemble, she handed over the Death Star plans. I don’t know how many Leia cosplayers were moved to tears by this act, but I’d wager it wasn’t a small number.

Harley didn’t limit her interactions to Leia either. She also took a minute to make sure R2-D2 got the Death Star plans directly from the source:

View several more pictures of Harley handing out the Death Star plan data cards to a multitude of Leia cosplayers at Celebration over at Imgur. Prepare your heart to melt into a pile of goo. Oh, and for the record, Jyn isn’t Harley’s only Star Wars costume. She also has a Rey ensemble, complete with a Millennium Falcon.

If you attended Star Wars Celebration, drop to the comments and let me know if you spotted little Jyn or any other costumes. Leave links there or send me photos at Twitter.

Images: Dino Ignacio

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