Lil Yachty Rapped about THE SIMPSONS on THE TONIGHT SHOW

According to a The Simpsons fan wiki, there are 3,442 characters who have ever appeared in the show over the course of its 600+ episodes. That is an absolute ton, and that means that in his Simpsons rap that featured 59 of them on last night’s episode of  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lil Yachty only mentioned 1.7 percent of them. Still, nobody has time to listen to a rap that has more characters than many real-life small towns have people, so all things considered, Yachty’s rap is super impressive.

As Fallon flips through flashcards like a spiritual sequel to Daniel Radcliffe’s cover of Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics,” Yachty checks off all the major characters and rattles off a bunch of clever lines in the process that reference some characters you may have forgotten about. For example:
“Flow so sick, someone call a doctor!
Hibbert is with it but Nick is awful,
Hi everybody, it’s Mr. McGreg,
With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg!”

There are a couple stretches where Yachty is simply listing character names, but for the most part, the rap is a real success and shows that he (or whoever actually wrote these lyrics if not himself) is a real Simpsons head. His closing stanza is also a great mic drop moment:

“I got more lines than Bart with chalk,
I spit more lines than Maggie’s talked,
That’s 59 names with more to report, Bort
Until next time, ‘Eat my shorts!'”

Watch the video above, check out the full lyrics here, and for you, our creative readers, go ahead and fill the comments with your own lyrics about characters who didn’t make it into the song.

Featured image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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