Mark Hamill and Chris Evans Debate the Powers of Luke’s Lightsaber vs. Captain America’s Shield

Disney might own both  Star Wars and the MCU, but we doubt the two franchises will ever cross over, which means we will never get an official answer to one of the most important questions mankind has ever posed: can a lightsaber cut through Captain America’s shield? It’s a hypothetical so epic it has now transcended mere fandom, because Mark Hamill and Chris Evans have formally weighed in on the matter.

It all started when a Twitter user asked the two actors what they thought would happen if Luke Skywalker met Steve Rogers in battle (over a miscommunication, we assume). Hamill, who is obviously very aware of how fictional franchises work, was the first to respond, giving Cap the edge if a Jedi showed up in a Marvel movie, but strongly supporting the power of the Force if Captain America arrived in the galaxy far, far away.

Rather than debate the merits of Hamill’s answer, Evans took a different approach. When life gives you vibranium lemons, you make vibranium lemonade.

Touché, but far from checkmate.

How do we know? Because science. No, literally, Because Science, where our very own Kyle Hill answered this hypothetical question using the greatest super power of all: physics.

Sorry, Master Luke, you probably wouldn’t have the time to slice Cap’s shield up that easily, but sadly that means no ninja stars either. Not unless Disney ever does do that Star Wars/Marvel crossover and gives them to us, which is the best possible answer to this question.

What do you think? Would a lightsaber cut through vibranium? Weigh in on this important question in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Disney

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