Life-Sized Knitted Thanos Makes for World’s Biggest Roommate

I miss Thanos. I know that might sound weird, but he was a great villain. Having him around made the MCU a better place. But I’m not sure I will ever love the Mad Titan enough that I’d want him moving in. First there’s the whole “universal genocide” thing. But just as important is that I don’t have enough space. That guy is freaking huge. And I’ve never appreciated just how enormous he truly is until I saw this life-sized, hand-knitted Thanos.

The talented Jenna Bates of WoolyMcWoolface has pieced together a gigantic tribute to Marvel’s very big baddie. To knit this humongous piece—which stands over seven feet tall and seems to get larger the more you look at it—she needed a whole lot of time and a whole lot of material.

It took over four months and over four kilograms of yarn. She also used a duvet, several pillows, and “who knows how many bags of stuffing” to fill him out. Bates told us that her best guess for his weight is around ten kilograms (22 pounds). His fully-loaded Infinity Gauntlet, which is clearly activated as evidenced by the glowing veins in his arm, also features some eyeshadow to give it depth.

As you can imagine, getting something this big and this heavy to stand was not easy. Brooms and mops couldn’t do it. So she had to outfit Thanos with some bean tin cans to help keep him upright. Knitted Thanos needs to be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Not only does this genuinely delightful piece loom over his creator, he looms large over her flat. For him to “fit” he needs to bend his neck. So really, the only life-sized Thanos that can comfortably live in this apartment is the one Thor beheaded.

You can check out more of Bates work at her Etsy shop. Thanos is not for sale, though. And that’s fine. I miss seeing the Mad Titan on screen, but that doesn’t mean I want him taking up half my living room.

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Featured Image: Marvel

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