Life-Size Gingerbread Groot Is a Dessert Masterpiece

Swedish baker Caroline Eriksson spends a lot of time making gingerbread superheroes, villains, and other characters from pop culture. Her creations are amazingly life-like, from the texture of Groot’s skin to the hairy legs of a massive spider. She talks about the time and energy she puts into these projects in the 60 Second Docs video below. And shows off some remarkable gingerbread masterpieces.

Thanks to Laughing Squid for pointing us towards this gorgeous gingerbread. Eriksson uses normal ingredients and edible paints. But what happens to the sculptures once they’re made? Do they taste good? Does she preserve them for display? Or does she throw them away and scare her garbage collector?

While we don’t get those answers in this short video, we do get to see Caroline Eriksson’s process. From sketching and shaping the wire frame to baking and painting, each gingerbread character takes many, many hours. And she’s not the only person dedicated to an unconventional job or hobby. There’s lots of other cool obsessions covered on the 60 Second Docs YouTube channel.

Eriksson’s other creations include a xenomorph from Alien and a super creepy Venom complete with edible drool (gross). While both of those look more like they would eat you than the other way around, Groot is peaceful and sweet. Just growing leaves and looking like he’ll stare deep into your eyes while saving your life.

A life-size gingerbread Groot from Guardians of the Galzy
Caroline Eriksson/60 Second Docs

Eriksson’s gingerbread characters look a lot like the cardboard superheroes on display at the Comic-Con Museum. Both take an amazing amount of time and energy, but we’ll bet the gingerbread versions taste a and smell better.

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