Get Your Own Life-Size CLASH OF THE TITANS Bubo the Owl Figure

Bubo the Owl is a beloved figure from the 1981 film Clash of the Titans. (Not to mention one of the best pop culture owls ever.) Though Athena refused to send her owl to aid the hero Perseus in the movie, she did send a mechanical version made by the Greek god of the forge, Hephaestus. Bubo was a little clumsy, but in all, a good companion. And, of course, he won the hearts of many. And now, anyone who needs a helpful little friend in their life can own this life-size figure Bubo the Owl Figure.

Bubo the Owl life size figure standing

You can now pre-order this Bubo figure, which we first saw on Super Punch. The official description shares:

One of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved creations is Bubo, the mechanical owl.  Literally a gift from the gods, this small gold bird with ruby eyes has proved to be one of the most enduring and endearing of all the creatures Harryhausen brought to the screen.

This 30 cm vinyl model of Bubo is scaled to match the actual size of the original puppet; with moveable wings, legs and head.

This Deluxe version also comes with a 1/6 scale version of Bubo with extended wings and a polyresin display base.

Deluxe edition owl statue with small scale bonus figurine
Bubo the Owl life size figure looking out at the mountains

Bubo the Owl has indeed endured. He even has had many cameos across pop culture, although not all of them flattering. Including in 2010’s Clash of the Titans remake where Bubo appeared only to get tossed aside. Still, that’s an owl whose wing-span has a far reach. We bet whoever buys this Bubo figure will give the owl a place of honor. At a $250-$275 price tag, we sure hope so, anyway.

Legendary special effects master Ray Harryhausen discussed Bubo with Warner Bros. Entertainment in 2013. He shared that his assistant Steven Archer actually drove much of the humor behind Bubo. 

Although Bubo looks majestic in his product shots, we know that at the core, he’s just a loveable owl who tries his best. And that’s worth celebrating if you ask us. Let’s give Bubo a nice shoulder to perch on.

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