Levitating Lunar Lamp Is 21st Century Furniture Done Right

When the Moon lamp hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a… more interesting lamp than most other lamps out there. (Bet you thought we were going to go with a “That’s no Moon, that’s a lamp,” joke, but we didn’t! Except maybe we just did.)
This Levimoon lamp, which comes via Design Taxi, is pretty much — no wait, exactly — what you’d expect from the name and image of this little floating globe of lunar light. It’s a floating Moon that levitates above a base thanks to magnetism (love that fundamental force!) and it gives off light.There are no other bells and whistles on the Levimoon, like an alarm clock or some kind of MoonMoon option, but the Levimoon is a successful Kickstarter campaign, so it makes sense that things are as simple as possible. Although the Moon can change colors, including a couple of solid colors and one kind of wavy light mode. The Moon lamp also charges wirelessly while it’s levitating, which is maybe the coolest part of the whole setup. Plus it’s a freakin’ Moon that floats!

The not-so-coolest part of the equation here is the price of the lamp: $289 for the smaller, six-inch-diameter Moon and $359 for the eight-inch one. There’s also apparently been some frustrated customers who had trouble getting their Moons to properly levitate, so keep that in mind. As well as the fact that even though Levimoon claims to be “the world’s first floating moon light,” it most certainly isn’t according to a brief search on Amazon for “Levitating Moon lamp.”What do you think about the Levimoon lamp? Are you down with its simple style and Kickstarter backstory, or are you going to wait to see some more reviews come in? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Levimoon 

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