Levitating Home Camera/Smart Hub Charges Wirelessly, Watches Everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is in full swing, and everything from smart assistants to smart mirrors are starting to pop up and carve out their own little networked niches in our hearts and homes. But until now, the vast majority of those items haven’t floated, or looked like something that really just wants to keep you safe, Dave. Here to fill that particular niche is the the Moon by 1-Ring. It’s an “all-in-one smart hub” and security camera that levitates, charges wirelessly, and does about a half-dozen other things that help to monitor your home and blow people’s minds with sweet tech party tricks.

1-Ring set up an Indiegogo campaign aiming for a fixed goal of $45,000 to start production on the Moon, but this is one of those rare cases where you don’t need to stress about donating if you want to make this IoT dream a reality. With 17 days left, the campaign has already over $156,000 in backing, which sets up the start-up with more than three times its desired budget. (People really like things that float, don’t they?)

As suggested by the Moon’s “all-in-one smart hub” descriptor, this little floating eye is way more than… meets the eye? The relatively high-res camera itself is able to rotate 360° — due to either wizard magic or magnetic fields — as well as detect and lock in on motions or sounds made in range of its sensors. The Moon also has temperature, CO2, and humidity sensors, two-way radio communication, and the ability to control other smart devices in your home using an IR (infrared) blaster or bluetooth. 1-Ring notes that this suite of features allows you to “remotely manage your home from anywhere in the world,” and also, again, make people who come over to hang out say “whoa, cool.”

The camera ball itself can also be used autonomously, without the base, for up to five hours. Which may be the neatest trick out of everything this little moon can do, considering many home cameras require they be plugged into an outlet.

The retail price of the Moon will be $330 when it officially goes on sale — no release date has been announced — but if you’re willing to go out on a limb to support a tech start-up you can preorder now for $219.

What do you think about this Moon smart home camera? Float us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images:  Moon by 1-Ring 

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