Leslie Grace Reveals Behind-the-Scenes BATGIRL Footage

At some point, even if it takes decades, we will get to see Batgirl. (Right? Right?) How can we not!? The thought of any finished big budget film getting shelved for tax purposes is absurd enough, but cancelling the release of Batgirl is especially egregious. It’s a $90 million movie starring a wildly popular comic book character. And it just so happens to feature a cameo by Michael Freaking Keaton as Batman. That’s why we have to believe it will finally make it to theaters or streaming some day. Until that day comes, though, the film’s star is giving us an idea of what we’re missing out on. Leslie Grace has been sharing some behind-the-scenes footage from the production. And her TikTok videos, along with her most recent Instagram retrospective, show she was ready to battle Gotham’s most dangerous criminals.

Leslie Grace in a makeup chair with Batgirl eye black and her in her Batgirl costume behind-the-scenes drinking a coffee
Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace posted the first of two (so far) videos from the making of Batgirl with a simple message: “I couldn’t resist.” The original TikTok features shots of her training for fight sequences, practicing stunts, and wearing some fantastic costumes while sporting some pretty nasty “wounds” from her vigilante lifestyle. It also has a quick flash of a scene from the actual movie. As well as a silly moment of Grace in her Batgirl costume in front of some very fun set pieces.

Her second video includes even more backstage footage from all of the training she did, as well as some footage from from filming. Only this video is set to an original song by Grace. It’s a fitting ode to how she feels right now, but that wasn’t on purpose. She said she “wrote this song during the pandemic.. b4 I even knew ANY of this would be my life.”


wrote this song during the pandemic.. b4 I even knew ANY of this would be my life 🤷🏽‍♀️🦇 #batgirlsgetlonelytoo #badgirlsgetlonelytoo

♬ Batgirls get lonely too – Leslie Grace

Most recently, Leslie Grace shared some more Batgirl memories with us as she looked back on 2022. This year-long retrospective video gives us even more glimpses at what the cancelled movie could have looked like.

All of this just makes us want to see the movie even more. Clearly, Batgirl was going to embrace both the bravery and danger of working as Gotham’s hero. Instead, it’s sitting in some computer waiting for a number cruncher to realize movies are works of art, not tax write-offs.

Leslie Grace reveals even more behind the scenes looks at cancelled Batgirl
Leslie Grace

It’s day will come. We just don’t know when. All we can do is hope Batgirl won’t be “lonely too” for much longer.

Originally published on September 27, 2022.

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