LEGO’s Space Sets Inspire Imagination and a Spacetacular Drone Show

It’s no secret that we at Nerdist are huge fans of LEGO. Not only does LEGO allow builders of all ages to bring to life fantastical scenes, but the ingenuity that goes into every set design is not only inspiring, but spectacular. Some might say, spacetacular. LEGO’s latest frontier involves a slew of space sets designed to take astronauts of all kinds on new adventures. To celebrate their space-inspired collection, LEGO brought to life spaceship designs from children around the world in both LEGO and drone form. And the results were out of this world.

A release shares more about LEGO’s space-inclined adventures:

The LEGO Group asked kids across the world to share their visions of how they would like to explore the cosmos. With the help of Associate Master Builder at LEGO House, Didac Perez Soriano, a selection of these spacecrafts were reimagined in LEGO bricks. The LEGO Group then showcased the future of space travel according to a group of young budding space explorers – Lotty (10, UK), Sebastian (10, Denmark), Jace (13, Hong Kong SAR, China), Jillian (7, USA), Jordan (12, USA) and Orla (6, UK) – by blasting their unique designs, playfully coined Unidentified Playing Objects (UPOs), over the New York City skyline.

Taking over the most photographed skyline of all time, the show included a space bed UPO powered by butterfly wings complete with a snack drawer for long journeys, a turtle spaceship that walks on the moon, a dog spaceship with 360° windows to see all that space has to offer, and a dinosaur ship with a jetpack, among others.

You can check out some of the drones and their counterparts in action below. We especially love this first one from a child in Denmark, which looks like it celebrates One Piece and Hannibal at once.

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Rotem Rusak
LEGO spaceship creations
Rotem Rusak

As a first-hand witness to this incredible LEGO space drone show, I can attest that it was absolutely flooring. LEGO even ordered the full moon, to boot!

LEGO Drone Show
Rotem Rusak

While LEGO’s space sets don’t include a drone show every time, they do bring that unique LEGO magic! You can peruse all the available sets below and snag them at LEGO’s official website. One of our very favorites is the Mars Space Base and Rocket (a cat on the moon? It cannot get better than that). But we also love The Milky Way Galaxy LEGO space build and the incredibly cool Space Astronaut Creator set.

We may not all be able to take off into orbit, but we can all bring the galaxy to our fingertips with these incredible LEGO space builds.

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