LEGO Space Shuttle Might Not Reach Space, But It Can Fly Around The Room

The Space Shuttle LEGO set is an all-time classic. It first came out in 1990, and if you happen to have yourself an original complete set in-box, you might be able to get over a couple hundred bucks for it on eBay. Don’t get me wrong; It’s definitely a quality set of bricks, but if I’m going to pay that much for it, the shuttle had better be capable of actual flight.

This is where aerospace engineer Adam Woodworth comes in, since he uploaded a video of his version of the shuttle, which is able to zip freely around the room ( via Sploid).

The clip shows Woodworth building the LEGO 1682 set up from its core brick components, but the surprise is that once he’s done it flies around the room with seemingly very tight control. He doesn’t explain in the video how this works, but he later told Sploid that his craft is actually a 2.5 gram recreation made with 1 mm foam.

LEGO crafts aren’t exactly known for their aerodynamic qualities, but if anybody was going to make this happen, Woodworth is sort of an authority in the very nuanced field of making seeming non-flight-ready LEGO crafts fly. Just a month or so ago, he made a version of the classic LEGO airplane that was navigating the airspace above a field like nobody’s business.

Watch the video above, and let us know in the comments what others sorts of Lego vehicles you’d like to see Woodworth take a stab at legitimizing next.

I love it when a plan comes together #lego #spaceshuttle #vintage #rc #drone #maker #diy #aviation #modelaviation

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Featured image: TheyMightBeBricks/YouTube

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