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LEGO Darth Vader Bust Exclusive Coming to STAR WARS CELEBRATION

Star Wars Celebration will soon be upon us, which will no doubt bring us oodles of news about Episode IXThe MandalorianThe Clone Wars‘ epic return, Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney theme parks, and probably a lot of other cool announcements we can only speculate about right now.

But one thing that we do know for sure is that there’s also going to be a lot of sweet new merch for all of us die hard fans of the galaxy far, far away. And among the Star Wars products coming our way is this brand new, extremely cool LEGO bust of Darth Vader himself.

Fans will be able to join the Dark Side with this exclusive Star Wars Celebration building set, which features incredible dome and face plate details, including a brick-built respirator encased in the Dark Lord’s iconic black armor. The former Jedi Knight’s famous helmet is adorned with raised ridges and studs, which adds to the dramatic effect, and the instantly recognizable Dark Lord of the Sith will always strike fear in his enemies. The Darth Vader Bust Star Wars building set measures 262mm long, 282mm wide, and 59mm high, and comes in at a total of 327 pieces.

If there are two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, it’s definitely LEGO and Star Wars. From now-classic sets like the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, to more recent ones like the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter, LEGO and Star Wars have become synonymous with one another, and this new bust of Lord Vader looks to be another must-have for the fans.

The Darth Vader Bust will become available on April 11, 2019 through Star Wars Celebration and Target REDcard, and will set you back $39.99. You can check out several images of this Sith-tastic set down below.

Images: LEGO / Lucasfilm

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