This Philippines Restaurant Sells Burgers That Look Like LEGO

Ordering a burger from a restaurant is wonderful because, well, it’s a burger, but if there’s a drawback to the experience, it’s that sometimes that darn thing has a hard time staying together. Wouldn’t it be easier if a burger’s components could snap together like LEGO bricks, making it virtually impossible for them to come apart?

That’s what a restaurant in the Philippines is thinking, or at the very least, they’re a big fan of the plastic building bricks: Brick Burger’s menu is populated by burgers whose buns technically aren’t modeled after LEGOs (for legal reasons, we’d imagine), but they sure do look like them ( via RocketNews24).

The restaurant itself looks like it’s made of giant LEGO, and the branding, while technically original, sure seems to borrow its aesthetic from the Danish bricks. True to the beloved toys, Brick Burger offers burgers with buns in a variety of colors, like black, orange, yellow, and red.

The restaurant definitely isn’t hiding the fact that it’s based on LEGO, as they openly admit their inspiration.

“It’s one of the most recognizable toys in the world, and I think almost everyone is familiar with it,” said Ralph Abogado, head of marketing for Brick Burger, in the video above. “LEGO is a right of passage as a kid, it’s one of the first toys we play with.”

Brick Burger is only in the Philippines at the moment, but let us be thankful for the things we do have, like… we’re coming up short. We just want LEGO burgers.

And check here for a complete breakdown of how painful LEGO bricks are to step on.

Featured image: Brick Burger/Facebook

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