LEGION’s Final Season Gets a Trippy New Trailer

Although it might not seem like it upon first viewing, one of the trippiest and most surreal shows on television is actually based on Marvel’s X-Men franchise. The FX series Legion focuses on the incredibly powerful mutant son of Charles Xavier, David Haller. And it has been mind bendingly good since it premiered in 2017. Now it will begin its third and final season, and FX has dropped a new trailer for the grand finale that seems very Alice in Wonderland-inspired. You can check it out down below:

The ending of the previous season of Legion seemed to confirm that David Haller was not in fact the hero of the show, and that his narrative has actually been the origin story of a villain. Certainly, the Marvel Comics on which Noah Hawley based this series have gone back and forth on whether the character of Legion is a good guy or a bad guy. The new trailer doesn’t seem to show David doing anything overtly evil, so maybe his status is still in question. It also seems that Aubrey Plaza is still in play as Lenny, which is always a good thing.

Although fans may be bummed that Legion is coming to an end, series creator Noah Hawley said he always saw his series as a three-season arc. (So its conclusion probably had nothing to do with Disney seemingly putting an end to all of the original Fox X-Men franchises.) This final season will also introduce us at long last to David’s father Charles Xavier, played by Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd. The trailer even briefly shows us a younger iteration of Professor X using Cerebro. Given when the show will air, it seems the last person to play Charles Xavier in a Fox produced show will not be Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy, but the guy who played Viserys Targaryen! Who would have thought?

Legion begins its final season on FX starting Monday, June 24.

Images: FX

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