LEGION Teases David’s Fate After Season 1’s Cliffhanger

FX’s trippy X-Men-adjacent series, Legion, left Season 1 on a major cliffhanger. David ( Dan Stevens), free of the parasitic entity Farouk (also know as “ The Shadow King“), stands on a balcony at Summerland with his girlfriend Syd ( Rachel Keller). The couple, who spent much of the season torn apart thanks to Farouk’s interference, are finally able to be wholly together. But then, out of nowhere, a metallic orb appears before them. It miniaturizes David and captures him, then soars away.

Theories abound over the true nature of this drone-like object and its intent. Is it kidnapping David? Rescuing him? The Season 2 trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of answers, but a new 360° video straight from the folks at FX gives us a fun tease at what it’s like for David inside the orb.

The video opens with a close-up on David’s face which eventually morphs into Rachel, then into Lenny ( Aubrey Plaza), and then into Farouk ( Saïd Taghmaoui). “The real me is an imminent threat to our future, our safety, our one-way ticket to utter destruction,” they say. Next, we see flashes from the Season 2 trailer, along with more dialogue. “No secrets,” Rachel whispers. “What are you hiding?” another voice asks. “This thing kills everyone,” Rachel says again. “It’s coming.” The flashes continue in disarray, and as you drag your curser around, you can watch the images projected throughout the orb. After a few minutes, we’re treated to an exclusive scene from Season 2, which shows Oliver ( Jemaine Clement), who is now infected with Farouk in the form of Lenny, lounging in a pool. As with most things Legion, it’s unclear what’s really going on, especially after the camera zooms out to reveal Farouk in Paris, then again to reveal Oliver in a bar. The layers of the Shadow King’s manipulation are on full display, but we don’t yet know how or if they’re associated with David’s capture.

We can’t wait to find out what’s going on – or to at least try – when Legion returns to FX on April 3.

Image: FX

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