Hilarious Video Turns Legion of Doom Into a Legion of Zoom

Not all that long ago, some of us had no idea what the Zoom app was. Well, that changed rather quickly with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With millions forced to shelter in place, Zoom has become one of the key ways to communicate in just a few short months. And if ordinary mortals are having Zoom meetings everyday, then doesn’t that mean super powered types are doing the same thing?

Thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve discovered a music video from the artist known as Doc Pop, who imagines just what a Zoom meeting would be like for the Justice League of America’s most well-known adversaries. So, say goodbye to the Legion of Doom, and hello to the Legion of Zoom. You can check out Doc Pop’s pun-tastic video down below:

The hilarious parody uses scenes from the old Challenge of the Superfriends cartoon from the ’70s. This was the iteration of the classic show where Lex Luthor’s gang of super villains were the primary antagonists. Every week they’d come up with a new scheme to take over the world, straight from their Darth Vader’s helmet lookin’ base in the swams. And every week the Superfriends would put a stop to their dastardly deeds. But as this video illustrates, even these scoundrels would be thinking of the health and safety of their membership during this pandemic.

Hilarious Video Shows the Legion of Doom Become the Legion of ZOOM_1

Warner Brothers / DC Comics

Here’s a fun fact about the Legion of Doom. It has 13 of the Justice League’s most notorious enemies, usually each hero’s most well known villain. So why did the Riddler make the cut but not the Joker?? It’s because the New Adventures of Batman animated series was running on a rival network on Saturday mornings, so Super Friends were forbidden from using the Clown Prince of Crime. Likewise, Riddler could not show up on the Batman cartoon, although he does appear in the opening credits wearing a pink costume never worn before or after.

It’s all too bad too, because we are pretty sure that the Joker would have had the very best lines in any Legion of Zoom meeting.

Featured Image: Warner Brothers / DC Comics

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