Check Out These Stunning Black and White Photos From LEGION

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Legion, one of the first things that comes to mind is the bright, psychedelic colors that permeated the show’s first season on FX; the reds and oranges at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, for example, or the bright green of the forest around Summerland and the blueness of the Astral plane. That’s all thanks to the work not just of showrunner Noah Hawley, who’s also been working on Fargo for the past three seasons, but of all the talented members of his crew—like cinematographer Dana Gonzales, who is so especially good at his job that he can make even black and white polaroids from on set look stunning.

That is, in fact, just what he did recently when he posted a small sample of his polaroid collection to the Instagram account for the American Society Of Cinematographers, an organization that’s been championing the work of Hollywood cinematographers since 1919. Like the infamous @sweden Twitter, which is run by a new citizen of the country every week, ASC Instagram gives itself over to a new member to showcase their work each month.  Since May 18 it’s been Gonzales, and he’s been sharing some really awesome work from  FargoPretty Little Liars (he shot the pilot) and even his film career. But the Legion polaroids, which he posted with the hashtag #filmisnotdead, are something truly special.Scroll through each of the batches in the Instagram posts below—there are some real gems here:

My Polaroids from “Legion” batch #1 #filmisnotdead

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My Polaroids from “Legion” batch #2 #cinematography #filmisnotdead

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Honestly, color is old and busted. If we’ve learned anything from the popularity of the black and white versions of Logan and Mad Max: Fury Road, the new hotness is black and white.

Would you watch an entire episode of Legion in black and white? I know I sure would, but be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments, too.

Images: The American Society of Cinematographers (@the_asc) on Instagram

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