Turn Your Bathroom into a Hyrulian Quest with LEGEND OF ZELDA Sensor Speakers

There are some who have referred to the current slew of young people as the “participation trophy generation,” meaning that people under the age of 25 or so have an unwarranted high sense of self-esteem because we’ve been commended and praised for every little thing we’ve done, regardless of how remarkable it is or isn’t. That’s kind of a lame label to put on a bunch of people, but if you really want to ironically lean into it (and if you’re a big The Legend of Zelda fan), these Zelda speaker sensors ought to to the trick ( via RocketNews24).

One Twitter user in particular best demonstrated how to use these two different sensors to their full potential. When the bathroom door is opened, the chime that plays when you discover a secret area plays, and then, when you life the toilet seat, the jingle for opening a treasure chest plays:

With these two motion-activated sounds at your disposal, you can turn any mundane task into a feat worth celebrating, whether it’s opening the cupboard to get a mug for your morning coffee or opening the bedroom door and celebrating the fact that you got up before noon. Probably the best possible use, though: Get an actual storage chest and make the chime play when you open that up, so you truly can be Link.

The main issue here, though, is that for Americans, they’re not that easy to get. Amazon Japan has them both for ¥7,700 (about $70), and the only other way we’re aware of is getting them as a prize via a sort of Japanese lottery system called Ichiban Kuji. We’re sure the more inventive of our readers could figure out a way to DIY this with a Raspberry Pi or something like that, so let us know in the comments if you can think of an easier way to bring this beautiful Japanese reality into our American lives.

Images: Nintendo, Amazon Japan

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