LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Mipha Cosplay is Worthy of the Zora Champion

Prince Sidon may have received a lot of attention when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released, but he’s not the only Zora in the game. Mipha’s both the Princess of the Zora and the Zora Champion. Cosplayer Lara Wegenaer was inspired to make a costume depicting Mipha as soon as she learned about the character. She already did a Zora cosplay in 2016, so dressing as another Zora was an obvious choice. Wegenaer’s finished costume makes her look like she’s directly from the game:

She spent about six weeks crafting her Mipha costume, and as with any Zora build, she said making the head was the trickiest part. It took a long time to shape. To make Mipha’s head, she used soft foam mattress material and added it in layers until she got the size right. Then she covered the head with fabric. She shared a tutorial on her website.

Scroll below to see more photos of the completed costume. Then, check out more of Lara’s work–including her amazing Twilight Princess Zora cosplay–at her Facebook page or at Instagram.

Do you cosplay or take photographs of cosplayers? If so, I want to see your work so we can talk about highlighting your creations in a future Cosplay Friday gallery. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me at [email protected] and send photos you’d like me to feature–the more high-res the photos, the better. Be sure to provide credits for the cosplayers or photographers for each image because giving credit is good manners–bonus points if you include links to relevant Facebook pages or websites. I don’t know all about every nerdy franchise, so please let me know who or what is being cosplayed.

Images: Lara Wegenaer Arts, Nancy Napalm

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