The upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is touted as having the largest in-game world the Zelda series has ever seen, and yet, it was announced today that in late 2017, the already-huge game will receive some DLC that adds even more weight to the adventure.

This is the first time a main-series Zelda game has received DLC, and when the game launches on March 3, players will be able to purchase an Expansion Pass for $19.99 for both Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Immediately upon purchase, players will see three new chests appear in the game’s Great Plateau area. One of the chests contains a Pass-exclusive Nintendo Switch shirt that Link can wear in-game, while Nintendo’s press release was vague about the other chests, saying that “the other two will deliver useful items.”

The first of the two content packs, neither of which can be purchased individually, will launch this summer, and will add a Cave of Trials challenge, a new hard mode, and “a new feature for the in-game map” to Breath of the Wild. The second pack is set for Holiday 2017 and will add a new dungeon and a new original storyline.

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In an announcement video, above, The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma said, “With this additional content, we’d like to give even seasoned Hyrule explorers something new and fun. The world of Hyrule awaits, and we hope the main game and additional content provide you with a place to play, explore, and enjoy for a long time.”

What do you think of Nintendo introducing DLC to the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments if you’re going to pass, or if you absolutely need to see Link rocking that Switch shirt.

Featured image: Nintendo

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