Eating in Front of a Leaf Blower Is One Saucy Escapade

YouTuber and engineer of especially dysfunctional robots, Simone Giertz, has dazzled us with her myriad crappy creations in past videos. (Her machine that “applies” lipstick is one of our favorites.) But even though the self-branded “queen of shitty robots” doesn’t build anything in her latest leaf-blower-dinner video, she does still manage to have trouble eating. Which is apparently a thing for her.

Giertz’s track record with building machines aimed at feeding their users isn’t great — or, conversely, is fantastic if you consider her moniker. Her soup-delivery robot causes more mess than a vengeful two-year-old, and her kernel-to-mouth popcorn machine is handy, but in all the wrong ways.

Considering this background in failed caloric consumption, it makes sense that Giertz’s latest video showcases her and YouTuber Hannah Hart completely failing at eating spaghetti due to… a leaf blower. Hey, at least it’s not a jet engine though, right? Because that would’ve been about ten times as raucous. And twenty times as awesome.

Seriously though, it’s quite a bummer that Giertz’s original plan, to eat spaghetti in front of an active jet engine, didn’t work out. The idea of having dinner in front of a massive blast of heated air in an airplane hangar sounds like quality performance art, and now the world has been deprived of the saucy sight. Oh well, the slow-mo of spaghetti whipping in the wind and word of bolognese getting caught in bras is still poetic in its own right. Plus, the video makes us hungry.

What do you think of this turbulent dinner video? Do you want to see Giertz build a crappy robot using a live jet engine? Of course you do, but talk to us in the comments below anyway!

Images: Simone Giertz 

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