Laurence Fishburne Joins THE WITCHER Season 4 as Regis

The Witcher lost a whole lot of star power when Henry Cavill departed the show after season three. Now it just got a whole lot back. Netflix announced another big name is joining the magic and monster fantasy series. Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast of The Witcher in season four with a part fans have been waiting to see in live-action. He’ll play the popular book and video game figure Regis.

Netflix took to social media to share this exciting news out of the Continent. John Wick star Laurence Fishburne has signed on to play The Witcher‘s Regis. Fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and video games know the character well, but the streaming site’s description of him is intentionally sparse to keep his secrets hidden a little while longer. Netflix describes Regis as “a world-wise Barber-surgeon with a mysterious past.”

The character made his debut in 1996’s Baptism of Fire, the third book in Sapkowski’s fantasy series. Since then, the popular Regis has appeared in other entries across the The Witcher franchise.

Regis, a balding character with giant mutton chops, from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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It’s unclear exactly what Regis’s arrival means for Netflix’s series, but the streamer did share an official synopsis for The Witcher‘s fourth season, which will also mark the debut of Liam Hemsworth as Geralt. A release shares:

After the shocking, Continent-altering events that close out season 3, the new season follows Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, who are faced with traversing the war-ravaged Continent and its many demons apart from each other. If they can embrace and lead the groups of misfits they find themselves in, they have a chance of surviving the baptism of fire — and finding one another again.

Season four of The Witcher is expected to begin filming this spring, so it will be a while before we see either Hemsworth or Fishburne in the Continent. But having them both there at the same time will restore some of the star power the world of magic and monsters is hoping to replace.

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