Latest BATMAN V SUPERMAN Fan Trailer Takes Us Back to the 1940s

After waiting for what seems like forever, we are but a mere week away from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  And ever since the movie was first announced back in 2013, eager fans have been making their own trailers, using the previous cinematic and TV history of both the Dark Knight and the Last Son of Krypton.

So far, we’ve seen a version of the trailer animated ’90s style, and another which has the campy ’60s Batman, Adam West, meeting the ’50s Man of Steel, George Reeves. Even more recently, we’ve seen the Superman of the ’70s, Christopher Reeve, fight the Batman of the ’80’s, Michael Keaton.Now a YouTube user going by the name Darth Blender of has gone ever further back in time —back to the 1940s—to create his own fan trailer. The ’40s was considered the “Golden Age” of comics, a time when both Superman and Batman became instant pop culture icons to kids all over America.

During this period, both Batman and Superman were the stars of their own Saturday afternoon movie serials, which played to packed houses of cheering kids all over the country. The serial Superman was played by actor Kirk Alyn, while Batman was played by Lewis Wilson. The budgets were low, the sets were cheap… but kids didn’t care. They were just happy to see their favorite heroes in live-action.

This new trailer takes the soundtrack from the second BvS trailer, and combines it with footage from the old serials, and it works like a dream. Unfortunately, there was no live-action Wonder Woman in the ’40s, so they’ve had to resort to using Lynda Carter footage from the ’70s TV show recreated in black and white. Luckily, though, they used footage of Wonder Woman from the first season of her television series, which was at least set in the 1940s, so it works as well as it possibly could.

You can watch the full retro Batman v Superman trailer in all its black and white glory above.

What do you think of the latest BvS fan trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

HT: Darth Blender via Comic Book

IMAGES: Warner Brothers / DC Comics  

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