11 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by STRANGER THINGS, IT, and More

The Halloween countdown has hit single digits. Is your costume ready? If it’s not, don’t stress. We’re here to help with last minute ideas to make Nerdoween prep easy. In the interest of minimizing your time investment, these pop culture-inspired ensembles aren’t meant to be screen accurate replicas with elaborate designs and props. Instead, these outfits suggestions are along the lines of everyday cosplay; they incorporate just enough elements to communicate the essence of the character and help others understand who you’re dressed up as.


Eleven’s season one  Stranger Things look is easy to pull together. Pair a pink dress or pink shirt and jeans with a blue jacket and carry an empty box of Eggo waffles. The empty part is key; don’t be the person walking around with soggy waffles. If you don’t want to carry a cardboard box, this is the time to wear any waffle jewelry you might own.

Jughead Jones

Riverdale‘s Jughead Jones has one iconic wardrobe accessory: his beanie. You can wear literally anything else with the crown beanie and sell it. If you can’t track down an exact replica of the hat, consider wearing a jacket and adding this Southside Serpents patch.


If the idea of applying scary clown makeup is too much for you, choose another option from It: Georgie. Go ahead and wear a yellow rain jacket if you have it. If you don’t, a yellow dress or yellow top/pants will suffice. The big must-have for this one is a red balloon; bring back-ups in case your balloon pops.

Luke Cage

Marvel‘s Netflix series have leaned into using  the heroes’ signature colors, and those themes were especially highlighted in The Defenders. To dress like Luke Cage, don a yellow t-shirt and gray hoodie with your favorite pair of pants. Done and done. Recruit friends to be the rest of The Defenders.


To dress like Offred or other handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale, pair red clothing with a white hat. If you don’t want to locate a hat, you can use white accessories like a purse and statement necklace to communicate the vibe.

Wonder Woman

While I love the idea of putting on a full Wonder Woman costume, I am far too lazy to craft a leather corset. Selling a casual version of the costume won’t be too hard. You’re going to need red and blue separates and jewelry featuring any combination of stars, shields, and swords. I suggest something like this piece from Love and Madness. If you’re cool with fully leaning into being Wonder Woman, costume tiaras are readily available in the toy aisles of stores like Target.

Jon Snow

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Jon Snow‘s no longer at the Wall in Game of Thrones, but he’s still rocking a cloak because winter has arrived. The cloak is the important thing here, and we happen to have a tutorial to show you how to make one out of a rug. Add an all black outfit underneath to complete the look. For bonus points, carry around a dragon plush toy.


Viserion was turned undead by the Night King in the recent season of Game of Thrones. You can translate his new icy look into a costume by embracing the cool side of the color wheel. Find a pale blue outfit and accessorize with anything blue and sparkly. A giant necklace, bold earrings, a glittery tie or purse—all of these options would work. If you have any Night King flair, like these earrings, this is the perfect occasion for them.


Becoming the title character of the new video game Cuphead couldn’t be more simple. Wear a black top and a red bottom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shirt/skirt/pants or a two-tone dress. Use basic crafting skills to attach a red-striped straw on your costume. You could safety pin the straw onto a lapel or wear a few straws like they’re a boutonniere. If you have red and white jewelry, it would accent the outfit.

Rick Sanchez

You should never try to be like Rick from Rick and Morty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like him. Pair a light blue or seafoam green top with brown pants. Putting a white lab coat over the outfit is ideal, but you could get away with a cardigan or blazer if a lab coat’s not happening.


Making the decision to be a porg from  The Last Jedi is going to be a bit of a commitment, because you’re going to have to carry some props to convey the message. Do some color blocking with beige, cream, and brown colored clothing. It works with any kind of separate. Then, carry either a porg or Chewbacca toy around with you.

Have any of these costume ideas inspired you to hit stores before October 31? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments, and if you dress as any of these characters, share photos of your costume with us on Twitter: @nerdist and @amy_geek.

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Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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