LAST CHRISTMAS Trailer Has Us Trying to Guess the Big Twist

It’s only 133 days until Christmas and we’ve already found our most anticipated holiday movie. From the minds of director Paul Feig and actress/writer extraordinaire Emma Thompson, we have Last Christmas, which looks like it’s Feig’s take on a Hallmark movie. But the gorgeous trailer has us wondering whether it’s going to have an unexpected twist.

The sweet London-set story centers on Emilia Clarke’s young Christmas shop employee, Kate, who spends her days getting drunk and apparently pissing off everyone close to her. Michelle Yeoh plays her strict but caring boss who wants to know what happened to the girl who once loved the holiday season; Henry Golding stars as sweetheart Tom, Kate’s apparent love interest. The George Michael-soundtracked film—which will feature an unreleased song from the iconic British singer—also stars writer Thompson as Adella, Kate’s worried mother and Fleabag breakout Sian Clifford as Kate’s sister.

The big surprise in the trailer though is that Kate’s self-destructive behavior comes from a brush with death she had when she was younger. The illness subplot seems to echo Clarke’s real-life experiences as a stroke survivor, but we think that the film may have more secrets in store. If you saw Feig’s last film, the deliciously dark A Simple Favor, which also starred Golding, you’ll know that he rarely weaves a story without putting a new twist on it.

The title of Last Christmas is taken from the classic Wham! song, but it could also hint that it might be one of the character’s last holiday season. We don’t really see Tom interact with any other characters so there is a chance that he might be a (literal) ghost from Kate’s past, or perhaps the donor who saved her life when she was sick…

We’ll have to wait until the November 15 to find out, but until then we’ll just be watching the sweet trailer over and over again… while maybe making up some more outrageous theories too… obviously.

Images: Universal

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