Watch Laser Oven Sizzle Snacks With a Bright Light

Did you know that it’s possible for a light to be so bright that it feels like it’s screaming at your eyeballs? In the video below, YouTuber and “Professional Mad Scientist” Drake Anthony offers a look at exactly that kind of brightness with his “laser oven” cooker. Although fair warning: Watching the video may slightly sizzle your retinas.

Drake, who goes by stryopyro on the ‘Tube, recently posted the laser oven to his channel. The powerful laser oven is right up Anthony’s alleyway apparently, as he’s into experimenting with lights, fire, and combustible chemicals. If we had to guess, we’d say the self-described “old school kind of maker” has a penchant for danger. Or certainly for lasers, anyway.

A 700-watt laser oven blasting brilliant blue-white beams of light into the surrounding area.


In the video, Anthony tears down a standard kitchen microwave with the intent of upping its cooking power. He begins by attempting to upsize the microwave’s intrinsic capacitors and magnetron (an electron tube for amplifying or generating microwaves) but doesn’t find the kind of heat he’s looking for. Instead, he opts for what else but a high-powered laser; a series of them, in fact, which crank out 700 watts of laser light in total. For reference, a standard keychain laser pointer emits .005 watts.

The scientist shows off the fiery fruits of his labor 11 minutes into the clip. And things get toasty, to say the least. Anthony throws everything from a banana to steak to s’mores into the laser over. And one after the other each food item comes out hot and ready to eat. At least in the areas where the lasers made contact with the food.

A 700-watt laser oven blasting some s'mores with its brilliant, bluish-white lasers.


Unfortunately, there are many serious (glaringly obvious, you might say) flaws with the laser oven as a retail product. As Anthony notes, it’s far too powerful to work as a home appliance. Plus, if you look at it for even a small fraction of a second without the proper eyewear on it permanently destroys your vision. But once those problems are solved then it’s off to the races! (Right after the optometrist’s office.)

Feature image: stryopyro

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