We May Have to Wait a While for a Lando Calrissian Movie

Ever since we caught glimpse of Donald Glover dressed to the nines as Lando Calrissian in that first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, our attention has been devoted unconditionally to Cloud City’s foremost style icon. In fact, many fans jumped straight to wondering why the forthcoming Han Solo origin story couldn’t be a Lando movie instead. Given the influx of affection for the perpetually caped space smuggler, fans were over the forest moon when Wednesday morning yielded rumors that Lucasfilm was fast-tracking a Calrissian-centric standalone adventure as its next in a growing line of Star Wars Story films… only to be shot down like a womp rat in backwoods Tatooine when it turned out that a Lando movie may still yet be far out of reach.


Such rumors spawned from an interview the French magazine Premier conducted with Kathleen Kennedy; the publication quoted Kennedy as saying, “We think that the next spin-off will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian.” Though nebulous in its own right, the comment was no doubt an exciting one for the bevy of Star Wars fans who’ve been smitten with Lando since he and his superhuman smile were introduced back in Empire Strikes Back. Alas, further rumblings yielded that Premier had misquoted Kennedy, who, according a contact from Lucasfilm as reported by io9, more accurately said that “it’s something she’d like to do one day in the future.” Nerdist has reached out to Lucasfilm for official confirmation on the status of such a prospect.

Given the caliber of energy supercharging today’s Lando fandom (Landom?), not to mention the buzz surrounding just about anything associated with the Donald Glover, Lucasfilm might want to kick a Lando flick up to the top of its list of priorities. Until we get official word on such a project, however, we’ll just have to keep on living with our heads in the Bespin clouds.

Image: Lucasfilm

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