Take On the Goblin King with LABYRINTH Slippers, Plushes, and Blankets

If you’ve “accidentally” wished away a child in your life, don’t despair. They are but a labyrinth away from you. A labyrinth and one mysteriously charming Goblin King that is. Will you come out victorious? Hard to say. Do you want to? Hrm… Well, either way, if you head off on an adventure, you’ll need moral support. And by that we mean, friends to help you on your way… plus a lot of soft cute things. To outfit yourself correctly for a date-, we mean a stern talking to with the Goblin King, check out these cute exclusive Labyrinth pieces from Toynk.com. You can get Labyrinth slippers, plushies, blankets, and more, to outfit you for all the twists and turns of your journey.

Here are just some of our favorite things:

Labyrinth Ello Worm Plush Slippers
Labyrinth ello worm slippers

The Ello worm is adorable. And a little creepy. But isn’t that basically Labyrinth in a nutshell? Unfortunately for Sarah, this worm led her astray. Which wasn’t very nice. But in slipper form, we get all of the cuteness and none of the misleading directions. Well, we hope anyway.

The official description for the Ello worm slippers notes:

After a long day of navigating the Labyrinth, it’s nice to come home and relax. The fun Ello Worm house slippers are just perfect for resting your tired tootsies. Based on the character from Jim Henson’s fantasy motion picture Labyrinth, these plush slippers will have you saying “‘Ello!” to every creature you meet.

Whether you’re journeying through a maze or through the halls of your home these slippers will provide a cushiony step. The anti-skid traction will make sure you don’t accidentally slip into the Bog of Eternal Stench. Come inside and meet the missus while donning these officially licensed Labyrinth Ello Worm Plush Slippers.

Never underestimate a good cushion, we always say.

Labyrinth Ludo 9″ Plush
Labyrinth Ludo plush

Ludo is the best friend you could ever have. And you’ll definitely want to take him along on any journey you take. Or just cuddle him at home. He looks a little sad, but that’s because he’s waiting for you in a world full of goblins. Make sure to give him a good pet. How could you say no to that face?

The official description of the plush shares:

Ludo, though menacing in appearance, quickly becomes one of the most lovable characters in Jim Henson’s beloved fantasy film, Labyrinth. Ludo is a large but gentle creature who has the ability to summon the rocks to help him, and Toy Vault has shrunk him down to the perfect plush size! If he was full-sized, it would be a bit of a squeeze having Ludo over to your place. But this plush, furry Toy Vault reproduction of the shaggy character is a very manageable 9” in height, so cheer up this sad chap by giving him a home with you.

We do admit, we wouldn’t turn down a full-size Ludo plush… but our roommates/family members/significant others might feel a little cramped.

Labyrinth Movie Poster Fleece Throw Blanket
Labyrinth movie poster blanket

Come on now, admit it. You’ve wanted to give Jareth a little cuddle. Who hasn’t? And now you can, in blanket form. Show off your nerdery and wrap up in something cozy with this movie poster blanket. Not to mention, Labyrinth‘s cover absolutely qualifies as a piece of art. Win, win.

Here are the details:

After roaming around the Labyrinth, snuggle up with your favorite Goblin King. This throw blanket measures 45 x 60 inches and is the perfect companion for sleepy mornings, cozy afternoons, and late nights. The iconic Labyrinth movie poster blanket is made with 100% soft polyester that ensures long-term use for your most snuggly adventures.

Sounds perfect to us.

These soft Labyrinth things and other odds and ends are available at Toynk.com.

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