LABYRINTH Door Knockers Can Now Be Yours

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth has many scenes with characters who only appear for a few moments, but manage to make their screen time memorable–Sir Didymus, the dancing Fireys, and that little worm that just wants you to come inside “and meet the missus” come to mind. Among those lovable characters are the pair of Door Knockers, both the Left and the Right, who squabble like an old married couple and have a really tough time talking with their mouths full.Now, all of you Labyrinth fans can purchase stunning scale replicas of the Door Knockers, and bring a little bit of Jareth the Goblin King’s realm into your home, and then maybe even try to solve the two-door riddle yourself!Chronicle Collectibles is now offering these replica Labyrinth Door Knockers crafted from cast metal. Chronicle got the details right because they referenced the actual screen-used props from the film thanks to help from The Jim Henson Company. And yes, they do function as real, usable door knockers you can attach to your door. The Door Knockers are both about 14 inches wide.If you pre-order now, these beautiful replicas will ship in the fourth quarter of 2019. They cost $675 for the set, or if you only want one, it’s $399 each. Pre-orders go live on Friday, January 18, at 3PM CT at Chronicle Collectibles website. While you’re there, you can admire their 1:4 scale Jareth on the Throne figure.Get a closer look at the Door Knockers in the gallery below.

Images: Chronicle Collectibles

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