Michael Fassbender Will Star in a Feature-Length KUNG FURY

Michael Fassbender isn’t exactly known for his comedies (unless you count The Snowman), but that’s all about to change in a big way. Fassbender will star in a feature-length sequel to the 2015 short film Kung Fury, an ’80s homage comedy about a renegade cop in Miami who has super kung fu powers he uses to go back in time to fight the “Kung Führer,” i.e. Hitler, with the help of the Valkyries, Thor, and a T. rex.The original 2015 short was written and directed by David Sandberg, who also starred as Kung Fury, after he raised a record-setting $630,000 to produce it on Kickstarter. The movie, a truly absurd ( in the best way) comedy that paid tribute to the ’80s, martial arts films, fantasy tales, sci-fi, and police action movies, managed to pack a whole lot of insanity into only a half-hour run time, so the possibilities for a big budget feature are nuts to think about. Kung Fury also somehow managed to look way more expensive than its Kickstarter budget would let on… while also looking exactly as cheesy as you’d hope. We hope they keep that aesthetic even with an Oscar-nominated actor on board.Sandberg will produce the film and also star alongside Fassbender (this reminds us of how Antonio Banderas took over the lead role in Desperado after El Mariachi was a surprise hit), while David Hasselhoff, who voiced “Hoff 9000” in the original and recorded an amazing song for it, will also return. As for the story they might tell, there’s no way to guess where they could go, but the original film ends with a perfect set-up for the next part of the journey.Considering just how ridiculous the cult favorite is, it’s possible Michael Fassbender might be able to cram enough comedy into the new Kung Fury to make us think of him as a comedic actor from now on.What do you make of this unlikely casting news? Kick into action with your thoughts in our comments section below.

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