KUGALI is the African Comics Anthology You Need

Kickstarter has become the place to find and support incredible comics that you can’t get in your local comic shop, and we’ve found another brilliant collection that you’ll definitely want to own.  The Kugali Anthology will be a 200-page book collecting six fantastic stories by 15 creators! Kugali is “an anthology showcasing the best African stories. These stories pay homage to the past, embrace the present and imagine the future.”

Including creators like Etubi Onucheyo, Gbenle Maverick, Juni Ba, The Coker Coop, Ziki Nelson, and Bill Masuku, this anthology will be filled with fantastical stories which have been traditionally shared in African cultures. Kugali curator and creator Nelson described the project on the official page. “In Africa there are stories passed down for generations. These magical tales filled our hearts and opened our minds to endless possibilities. These fantastic stories still exist within the oral tradition. However, in order to share our stories with the world we need to think of new ways to showcase our culture. Kugali showcases the best African stories by Africans using comics, art, and animation. These are stories that respect the history of Africa, embrace the present and imagine a future,” Nelson explained.

Kugali looks to be an exciting, expansive, and engaging collection from some incredible creators and you can support it right  here! And the best thing is that the lowest tier gets you a look at the comics for only $4. So Kugali is a perfect chance to support new and interesting comics from African creators no matter what your budget, and it includes some rad rewards too!

Can’t wait to read Kugali?  Jump into the comments and let us know!

Images: The Kugali Anthology

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