KRYPTON Season 2 Will Debut Lobos and Explore Origins of Nightwing and Flamebird

SYFY’s hit Superman prequel series, Krypton, is gearing up to introduce some interesting characters and story arcs in season two. We got to hear some intriguing details at Saturday’s SDCC panel and had a nice chat afterwards with Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange), Wallis Day (Nyssa Vex), Ann Ogbomo (Jayna Zod), and producer Cameron Welsh about what to expect for the future of the show. When we last left Krypton, Seg-El and the others had succeeded in banishing Brainiac and preventing the destruction of Krypton, but their victory came at a cost: it left Seg-El trapped in the Phantom Zone, General Zod subjugating both Earth and Krypton–leaving Lyta and Jayna standing on two sides of the aisle–Doomsday ready to break out and wreck havoc, and Superman erased from the continuity entirely.

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Season two will focus on the aftermath of Brainiac’s attack on the city of Kandor, and on the new world order under Zod; it will also explore the origins of Brainiac, whose home planet, Colu, we’ll get to visit. Welsh said during the Krypton panel that season two picks up four to five months after the General commanded all to “kneel,” and the Krypton we’ll see will be vastly different from the one we came to know in season one.

With the world now tilted on its axis, a lot of these characters will have to rebuild themselves from the ground up and figure out what truly matters to them. On speaking about Adam Strange’s arc at the press roundtable, Sipos said that Adam, “will be going through a sort of death and rebirth,” and that we’ll see him go on a painful journey to become the Adam Strange we know in the comics.

Ogbomo echoed these sentiments for her own character. Jayna underwent a full journey in season one, learning the importance of familial love only to have that cruelly turned on her in the final episodes when Lyta shot her in order to save her own son, General Zod. “She’s gonna have to build herself up from what’s happened,” Ogbomo said. “As far as family goes, she’s been let down so many times in her life. We see how her brother let her down, and now we’re seeing how her daughter let her down. Is she gonna have a big enough heart to come back from that and still forgive and believe in something positive?”

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Season two will also introduce a few vital characters. The big reveal was that Lobo, the iconic and ruthless interstellar mercenary, will be making his debut on Krypton. The season will also explore the roots of Nightwing and Flamebird–here a pair of dragon-like, Kryptonian gods. We know season one was heavily concerned with the Voice of Rao and questions of religion versus politics, so it’ll be interesting to see how these gods are incorporated going forward.

There’s plenty of possibilities for who the show can include, especially since Welsh confirmed season two will be spending quite some time in the Phantom Zone, where time and space don’t matter. DC Comics vice-president Dan Evans even dropped an interesting hint regarding a particular character Welsh requested to use: “There’s a Green Lantern issue we may have to think about,” Evans said.

And what of Superman himself appearing on the show? We still don’t know if or when he’ll appear, but Cuffe said that “even though Superman isn’t on this show, it’s still all about this symbol. You should still feel his presence, and with everything Seg does, he’s aware of his legacy.”

Ultimately, Seg wants to find a way to both save Krypton and make sure Kal-El comes into being. A universe where both exist is an intriguing thought, and suffice to say we’re excited to be along for the ride.

Krypton‘s second season will premiere in 2019.

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