What KRYPTON’S Big Reveal Means

Warning: Major spoilers for episode five of Krypton. Put on a cape and fly away if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

The latest episode of Syfy’s Krypton has delivered the series’ most exciting revelation so far: Black Zero’s mysterious leader is Lyta-Zod’s son from the future. Okay, technically he doesn’t say he’s from the future, but considering how much older he is than Lyta, it’s safe to assume he’s dabbled in a bit of time travel.

So who exactly is Zod Junior? We know from the previous episode he has a complex history with Seg-El’s family, and that his mission is to “protect the future of Krypton.” A Zod…who comes from the future…who’s tangled with other members of the House of El…and whose identity was significant enough to be treated as a big reveal? Sounds like a major villain of the Superman franchise to me. General Zod, as played by Colin Salmon, is in the house!Watch the reveal:

Of course, one of Superman‘s chief archenemies kicking it with the Man of Steel’s grandfather introduces some complications to Krypton‘s storyline. Firstly, it raises the question of whether all his talk about protecting Krypton’s future is not an allusion to eliminating Brainiac, but to preventing the existence of Superman. Since Zod has passed up multiple chances to kill Seg-El, he probably isn’t out to eliminate the El family right off the bat, but there are more ways to deal with the problem than straight-up murder. In the previous episode, he mentioned wanting Seg to join forces with him, which suggests he might want to steer the House of El away from what he sees as their excessive idealism and toward his more military, pragmatic mindset. A change in ideals could change the Els’ actions, which in turn could alter the planet’s future.

However, Zod could want to keep Seg alive for more personal reasons. Although Lyta is betrothed to Dev-Em and is likely scheduled to mix DNA with him in the Genesis Chamber at some point, she’s been doing a lot of unsanctioned DNA mixing with Seg, if you know what I mean. But the grandfather of Superman being General Zod’s father is totally bonkers, right?

On second thought, it’s not so farfetched. If Superman and Zod are related by blood, it would add an extra layer of poignancy to their ongoing feud. Imagine if the guy trying to kill you was also the last remaining link to the father you never knew. That’d throw a wrench into your plans for sure.

While this is mostly speculation, it’s pretty intriguing that Krypton is willing to hint at Superman and General Zod sharing a family line. Sometimes heroism and villainy really are a lot closer to each other than we realize.

What did you think of the big Zod reveal? Tell us below!

Images: Syfy

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