GOD OF WAR’s Kratos Makes Even Bad Dad Jokes Sound Epic

We admit it: we love a good dad joke now and then. Who doesn’t? If you’ve never been treated to that particular brand of humor, a dad joke is typically a corny pun that’s so bad, it’s good. We’re talking so cheesy that you involuntarily groan and laugh at the same time. These jokes are usually attempted by a dad or an uncle who’s doing everything in his power to get a kid to crack a smile.

Dad jokes are a rite of parenthood, and Polygon decided that it’s time for gaming’s (literal) biggest father figure–Kratos from the recently released God of War–to take that final step to complete dad-dom. And so, they presented to the world one of the best ideas ever devised in history, Dad Jokes With Kratos.

We dare you not to laugh. The man behind the voice of Kratos, actor Christopher Judge, can’t even get the jokes out sometimes, they’re so bad-slash-good.

The writer behind these jokes is obviously a parent who is so skilled at dad jokes that their kids probably have calluses on their foreheads from all the facepalms.

Kratos spends much of God of War learning to be a parent to Atreus, so these terrible jokes feel like the missing final step to true dad-ness. Sorry, boy.

Feeling inspired by the God of War? Be as fearless as Kratos and bust out your best dad jokes. And remember, never Apollo-gize for your cheesy puns about the gods.

What’s your favorite dad joke? Tell us on Twitter or in the comments!

Images: Sony Santa Monica Studio / Polygon

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