Knit Your Own Adventure With The Heroes of Yarnia

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Geeks love to combine their hobbies. Just ask anyone that’s written up RPG rules for their favorite TV show or movie. As for knitting, doesn’t take much digging on crafty sites like Etsy or Ravelry to find geeky patterns and products of all kinds.

Tania Richter takes geek crafting to the next level with her most recent project. Yarn Quest 2017 – Heroes of Yarnia combines a common craft project—the mystery knit along—with a little bit of dice rolling and adventure role playing gamers love. Mystery knit alongs work a little differently than the usual types of craft patterns available. Instead of getting the whole pattern at once with a picture of the finished product, the designer sends out a piece of the pattern at regular intervals without spoiling the end product.

Yarn Quest mixes in a few elements from tabletop RPGs. Knitters create characters who have abilities that affect the progression of their project. The pattern has a number of options at each point that are randomly chosen by a die roll. The character classes and skills can modify the roll or, in some cases, even offer a complete re-roll. This also means a lot of variation in the projects since each pattern changes a bit based on the dice rolls.

Yarn Quest was released in December but the campaign is ongoing through February. The page discusses the type of yarn needed and also recommends the type of dice necessary to play along. At the end of the campaign, each knitter will have a unique mix-and-match style scarf and a story to tell about the adventures behind the item. RPG players love to talk about their character’s favorite magic items, but Yarn Quest offers a chance for one such item to exist in real life.

What is your favorite crafty D&D project? Let us know in the comments.

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