Kitties Vs. Puppies Bowl Asks the Age-Old Question

Dark Side vs. Light Side, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, matter vs. anti-matter, they’re are all match-ups for the ages, but the the most viscerally polarizing of all the epic contests that have ever taken place — and undoubtedly the cutest — is of course: Kitties vs. Puppies. And now, with the help of some spectacular VFX, and some mildly interested kitties, we get to see one of the greatest ever conflicts of cuteness play out before our very eyes.

The above video, simply titled “Puppy Bowl,” comes via Laughing Squid, and features both the animals and VFX handiwork of Aaron Benitez. Benitez, who “make[s] videos with animals,” is responsible for several viral cat-with-shifty-eyes videos you’ve probably already seen, like this one of Benitez’s cat, Michael, not eating its veggies, and of course, “The Ultimate Viral Cat Video.”

In the Puppy Bowl, we see Michael kick off a miniature puppy vs. kitty game that eventually (kind of) plays out on a slice of astroturf in the middle of a living room. And while there’s not much action between the puppy and kitty teams, in terms of tackles or tickles, the clip is jam-packed with unbearable cuteness. Like the cat ref with big ol’ nerd glasses, and the line-up of pups wearing little scarves.

If you want to avoid some commercials during this year’s Super Bowl LI, and instead get your awwwwww tank topped off, this very same clip will be airing during Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XIII” on February 5th at 3:00PM EST.

What are your thoughts regarding this excruciatingly adorable battle between canine and feline? Tell us which team makes your heart melt most and gives you the best shot at making the spread in the comments below!

Images: AaronsAnimals

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