Kittehs + Dungeons & Dragons = Critical Cute

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I’m a level 15 berserker with a halberd and an eye patch. My enemies quake with fear in my presence. My thirst for ale is only matched by my thirst for blood! Also, I’m a kitty.

Stop laughing! You will fall before the might of Orcslayer Floofyface! I am on a quest to find the legendary magic catnip that will lead my people to the holy land of Yarntopia across the Tuna Sea.

You know, I think I might have to create this character if the Critical Role cast ever invites me to do a guest spot. Or I might make him anyway just because. I’m sure he’s a stud, and all the ladies want to…. pet him. Aww yeah, he gets a lot of tail.

The images above were created by Kyounghwan Kim. In fact, the artist made an entire series of adorable artworks that imagine roleplaying game classes as played by cats — adorable, fluffy cats. Unfortunately, there’s no information as to the inspiration or process. I’m just thankful that these exist. My cats are going to be none too happy when I attempt to dress them up in tunics and pauldrons. Then again, 3D printed cat armor is a thing.

Check out the gallery below for more of Kim’s kitty creations and tell us what you would name these fuzzball adventurers in the comments!

Image credits: Kyounghwan Kim

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