KINGSMAN’s Adorable Pug Showed Up at THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Premiere in an Orange Suit!

It may seem an impossible task to pick a highlight among Kingsman: The Secret Service‘s varied and flavorful cast. After all, Matthew Vaughn’s special agent flick treated us to engaging performances from enchanting newcomers Taron Egerton and Sofia Boutella, ditto to the sort of wily fun we’ve come to expect from reliable veterans like Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, and Michael Caine. But as forewarned by the great W.C. Fields, no bipedal thespian can contend with the onscreen charisma of a mugging pooch. Thus, if we’re really picking a winner among the  Kingsman cast, it’d no doubt be Jack “J.B.” Bauer, the unfathomably adorable puppy pug that cold-hearted super spy-in-training Eggsy couldn’t bring himself to axe (thank goodness).

Those of you who share my affection for the diminutive Dutch mastiff will be pleased to hear that he’s getting due credit for his brilliant performance in the 2014 action comedy. As it turns out, J.B. accompanied the rest of Kingsman cast to the London premiere of the forthcoming sequel  Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and what’s more decked himself to the nines for the occasion.

As if the presence of a chipper young pug trotting along a top dollar red carpet gala wouldn’t have been enough of a delight, the orange suit and tiny bowtie escalates this endeavor to pure snub-nosed bliss.

In the name of diplomacy, I respect the decision of anyone who hasn’t yet seen The Golden Circle from committing to naming J.B.’s turn in The Secret Service as the very best fit of acting the Kingsman franchise will ever display. What with power players like Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, and Michael Gambon joining in on the fun, there’s sure to be some healthy competition for that superlative.

But let’s be honest, here…

…there ain’t no beatin’ that.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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