Is KINGDOM HEARTS Coming to Disney Parks?

Disney Parks don’t, for the most part, lack in merchandising. They have plenty of apparel, toys, snacks, and Mickey ears for you to spend money on–except when it comes to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It’s hard to find evidence of the Disney and Final Fantasy combo video game in the theme parks. But maybe that’s about to change

Thanks to Inside the Magic, we learned Donald Duck and Goofy appeared in their Kingdom Hearts costumes at Epcot on August 31 at a Cast Appreciation Party. It’s probably a good thing I was nowhere near the event because I would have lost my mind in an unbecoming fashion over meeting these guys in person.

The Kingdom Hearts characters almost never appear in the parks. In the past, Donald, Goofy, and even Sora have appeared at Halloween events. We’re not in the Halloween season yet (that kicks off in Disney Parks in mid-September), so maybe they’re dusting off the costumes and prepping them for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. Or maybe it’s more. Maybe we’re finally going to see a Kingdom Hearts presence at Walt Disney World and other resorts.

Kingdom Hearts III is on the horizon with a 2018 release date. They’ve been promoting the next, long-awaited chapter of the game this year with new trailers and the announcement about having a Toy Story world. To boost the hype, they could do character meet and greets. They already have the costumes on hand. And as far as merchandising? Forget about it.

They could sell t-shirts, Organization XIII hoodies, pins, costume hats, and Keyblades. Do you know how much moolah you could squeeze out of Keyblade replicas? They could offer miniature sizes of the various keyblades and so much jewelry. Plus, they could sell sea salt ice cream popsicles!

Do you want to see Kingdom Hearts characters and products in Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured Image: Square Enix/Disney

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